On religion

2007-01-24 at 13:52 (quotes)

As someone who does not believe that religion is necessary, I am … free to pick and choose what portions of various religions I am inclined to imitate, and which I wish to reject: this is because I believe religion does not have to be taken as a whole, and that components are not functions of their sum: thus, ignoring religion, I may agree with the Golden Rule and disagree with the Book of Revelations. I may appreciate the beauty of the Psalms, the simplicity of the Proverbs, and the eros of the Song of Solomon without soliciting their references to God. I may give my regards to the courage of Abraham yet disdain the blindness of Isaac. I may walk the Middle Way without seeking nirvana and respect my ancestors without lighting incense to invoke them. I may believe that the royal son resurrects the imperial father through ritualized revolution without expecting that he rules the dead and makes the plants grow. I may anticipate futures and ponder histories without expecting human beings be taller in those times. And I may chart the moons and stars in the sky without predicting apocalypse during a dearth of sacrificial virgins. All this I may do, because I do not need religion.

Michael Chui


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2006-09-10 at 12:40 (quotes)

They’ll call you “luv”, but they won’t give you change. (Jane Crilley, on British bus drivers)

Character is doing what is right when no one is looking. (J.C. Watts)

Those who live by the sword are shot by those who don’t. (Unknown)

Two takes on pain:

  • Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. (Zen)
  • Pain is life. Anyone who says differently is trying to sell something. (The Princess Bride)

Real conversation:
Clive: Why not have a cold shower?
Kinnison: that’d involve having a shower
Kinnison: Given the amount of time you’ve spent in my bathroom, I kinda assumed you knew that we didn’t have a shower

Bono, back in his articulate, insightful days (that is, before he learnt Spanish):
“We scorch the earth, set fire to the sky. We stoop so low to reach so high.” – “Red Hill Mining Town”, U2

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quote: slashdot quote on big pharma

2006-08-04 at 00:16 (quotes)

And this is where my dislike for big pharma comes into play.

Where is the profit? To understand any business, you have to recognize the source of profit. For drug companies, the profit is in treatments, not cures, not vaccines. So most of the research money goes into treatments for things that will produce a heavy profit, and keeps you on their treatments. What’s the point in producing a $50 one-time shot that will fix your ills if they can instead get you on a $200-a-month pill regimen that comes with some side effects that you’ll want to take another set of pills for? A strategy like this, combined with thousands of ads telling you to ask your doctor about who knows what, combined with essentially bribing doctors to prescribe their pill for every little thing, and you have yourself a lot of profit. Even if you have somebody working on a cure for AIDS or cancer in these companies, they’re not as well funded as somebody working on the newest E.D. pill or or the latest made-up condition.

I know people who have worked in non-profit medical research, the kind of people who want an actual cure for things, but they just can’t compete with the budgets of companies practically printing their own money. Public grants and donations just can’t produce the kind of miracle drugs that we desperately need.


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quote: Tony Blair, talking to Nick Robinson

2006-04-30 at 23:46 (quotes)

In this business, in the media culture we have today … there’s no problem which isn’t a crisis, no difficulty that isn’t a catastrophe, no week that’s not going to end up being the most terrible thing that’s ever happened… you do the job, get on with doing the job.

(about the triple problems of the week at the end of April)

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quote: the Buddha

2006-03-29 at 19:34 (quotes)

Do not accept anything by mere tradition. . . Do not accept anything just because it accords with your scriptures. . . Do not accept anything merely because it agrees with your pre-conceived notions. . . But when you know for yourselves — these things are moral, these things are blameless, these things are praised by the wise, these things, when performed and undertaken, conduce to well-being and happiness — then do you live acting accordingly.

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quote: Steve Pavlina, Self-Discipline

2006-03-23 at 10:26 (quotes)

Don’t compare yourself to other people. It won’t help. You’ll only find what you expect to find.

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quote: Bisclaveret (quoting someone else), #angband

2005-11-05 at 23:10 (quotes)

Anyone who suggests death sentences, castration and mutilation punishments are good should be willing to be falsely accused, found guilty and face the punishment despite being innocent. If you are not prepared to make that sacrifice on behalf of society shut your yap. Not surprisingly I have yet to meet someone who is prepared to be one of the unlucky few.

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quote: Bob

2005-10-30 at 20:03 (quotes)

Clive got upset the other day when Marketing emailed him a PDF of a TIFF of a Fax of a printout of a world-accessable web page.

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quote: Alan McCormack, over MSN

2005-10-24 at 22:12 (quotes)

I also drew these strange pictures of Hitler and The Pope having a ham sandwich

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quote: mindwa, from pianosheets.org

2005-10-08 at 23:44 (quotes)

We must aim for perfection, but settle for progress.

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