more puns!

2006-09-20 at 23:07 (puns)

you can’t be a passive activist, but you can be an active pacifist.
anti-war protesters don’t get much time to eat, so when they do, it’s peace-meal.
i met a vampire the other day. he was a bit drunk and had been playing poker, and he told me: “i don’t like gambling. the stakes get too high.”
for my favourite band, the vocals are a pretty important factor in their success, but the guitars are instrumental.



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2006-09-14 at 22:22 (lists, puns)

Thing about René is that he always puts deh carts before deh horse.
Since starting to read philosopy, I’ve really found my nich-e. (credit Dom McGoldrick)

University courses
I was looking at the degree course on textiles — looks totally fabricated to me.
Now that there’s a £3000 fee every year of the course, Economics just isn’t anymore.

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