why people take photos

2006-09-03 at 16:51 (article, musings, photos)

  1. art
  2. memory
  3. amusement

I’m certainly an art person, not a memory person. It’s nice to have shots of places you’ve been; but taking them all the time, with you in front of the sea just to show you’ve been there — that seems like a waste of time and effort. Unless a picture is beautiful in and of itself, I don’t feel the need to make it exist.


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2006-07-14 at 23:38 (photos)

Just taken a bunch of nighttime photos, using a tripod I was given at Christmas but hadn’t got round to using. They’re not fantastic, but I think there are some nice ones in there, somewhere.

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ode to the shoe

2006-07-10 at 20:14 (photos, poetry)

Corded shoes

i came upon the answer!
that is, i think i found a cure
i wasn’t aware there was a question
but now i’m not so sure.

i found them with a casual glance
and they fit so perfectly.
after a quick test wear, that is, a skip and a prance
i knew this was meant to be.

i wear them with a serious stance
the way i feel they look best
they fit my jacket, shirt and tie
yes, they passed the test.

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