fictional lost and found ads

2006-12-16 at 12:47 (humour, jokes)

found: a lesser purple spotted bus pass
lost+found: sanity left on bus. please call 08806 571234 if sat on
lost: an american tv programme set on a desert island
lost+found: sheep on mountain
lost+found: bag with explosives accidentally left in a photo booth, ring 0800-AL-QAIDA
free time disappeared somewhere on the way to exams. reward offered for return
lost: warm sofa. heat lost in crowd somewhere between standing up and sitting down
lost: iraq. (oh, aren’t i political)
found: drunken irishman
lost+found: fishtank crudely engraved with “TASTY”. cat seen nearby

(credit for Mark for these:)
lost: evening. last seen before i fell asleep
lost: friends. please help me contact
lost: lose (NOT HAVE); verb [T] lost, lost


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