relationship-killers: number one

2006-12-09 at 22:10 (commentry, musings)

Assuming that you’ll break up at some point.
If you assume that you’re going to break up, or that it won’t last very long, why bother putting any effort in at all?


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2006-08-13 at 15:33 (article, commentry) is down, and the lawyers sending the shutdown request say:

In so enforcing the rights of the creators and publishers of music [by requesting removal of all tabs of copyright music from your site], it is our intent to ensure that composers and songwriters will continue to have incentive to create new music for generations to come.

This is brainless. Composers and bands don’t need incentive to be creative, or if they do, then their intent is in the wrong place. Music is about the music, not about control. That argument is flawed.

I wonder if the music publishing industry would want to stop any guitar teachers teaching students copyright songs without first applying for permission and paying royalties. I’m pretty sure they would, and this is why the way things work now is broken.

(One of the songs mentioned in the letter is “Beautiful Day”, by Clayton/Evans/Mullen/Hewson. I wonder if The Edge has to go and ask his bandmates if he wanted to show someone else the chords he uses?)

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