2007-03-16 at 12:35 (uncategorised)

reality mixes with thought
dreams and/with nightmares
i’m riding waves of insanity
and it makes me feel so scared

don’t look for problems when there aren’t any
hyperchondriac fantasies?
leave it alone it might heal itself
just get it away from me

the man watches through the window
when i know that he’s not there
he closely follows my every move
i can always feel his stare.

i can’t ignore him he hates me
i can feel, he wants me dead
so when i’m dead remember me
remember what i’ve said

tall dark man, hat, holey gloves.

(stalker watches me
trails me home
watching waiting
til i’m alone.)

— started writing this 2004-04-11, I guess it shows. I still like it, though.


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test conditions

2007-03-15 at 12:30 (poetry)

this is too much
the subjekt is failing under the strain
turn off the power and leave him alone
in five days ve vill try him again

— yes, you too have little evil Russian scientists running around your head. (Not that I’m casting aspersions on Russian scientists, there. Pleae don’t blow me up.)

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2007-03-14 at 12:30 (poetry)

smell is emotion; love is devotion
travelling through london city, black towers.
happiness at room temperature(
life free of adventure)
tell the truth: no-one likes his laugh

— I found this fragment just before, dated 12th February 2004. That’s almost exactly three years ago now.

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one step forward, two steps back

2007-03-14 at 01:50 (poetry)

no point in moving forward
when your eyes are placed behind
the best you can do is carry on
pretending that you’re not blind.

— truth.

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120 film and all that jazz

2007-03-04 at 14:11 (notes, photography)

a Holga 120N

So, on a photography-related slant, I’ve just bought five rolls of 120 film for my new Holga. Here they are, in all their glory:

Expect notes (and hopefully photos) on how they compare. This is my first adventure into non-DSLR territory, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about yet, but hopefully I will soon…

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