God is both necessary and impossible

2007-02-24 at 12:47 (philosophy)


  1. Assume God.
  2. If God has always been, he has been for an infinite amount of time.
  3. Real infinites do not exist, so 2 is false, thus God cannot always have been
  4. If God has not always been, then there was a time when there was nothing
  5. Nothing can come from nothing, so something must alwas have been; we call this God.
  6. See 2–6.
  7. Thus, God cannot always have been, and cannot not always have been.


  1. Chris said,

    Premise 3, an actual infinite cannot exist is mutually exclusive with 5, nothing can come from nothing, unless you’re willing to accept certain weirdnesses that come from a terminating causal chain – does the first cause come from nothing, or is it just there, in other words.

  2. oldude59 said,

    In unified theory – I seem to remember that objects can be and not or be in multiple places at the same time. So if that is true than god could be and not in multiple places concurrently. The larger question aside from linearity of logic is the on going mystery of god.

  3. canopyradio said,

    I disagree.

    On the basis of humor.

  4. wussyderder said,

    Where is the evidence that real infinites do not exist?

  5. M Cooley said,

    The problem with your argument is you assume that God exists within space and time. By definition a Supreme Being would not only be the creator of matter, life, and energy, but also the creator of time itself.

    “In the beginning…” means the beginning of space and time. Time itself is a created thing. The fact humans cannot conceive of what existence is like outside the confines of space and time does not mean it does not exist. If God “pre-dates” the existence of space and time then logically you do not have an impossible god. I say God “pre-dates” time because there is no better way, humanly speaking to understand that statement. I understand that to talk in terms of “prior” is to speak in a linear and time oriented fashion. I do not imply time prior to time, for that would be a contradiction.

    The “Alpha” and “Omega” would exist at both ends of time, simultaneously, therefore, not encapsulated withing space and time.

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