God is both necessary and impossible

2007-02-24 at 12:47 (philosophy)


  1. Assume God.
  2. If God has always been, he has been for an infinite amount of time.
  3. Real infinites do not exist, so 2 is false, thus God cannot always have been
  4. If God has not always been, then there was a time when there was nothing
  5. Nothing can come from nothing, so something must alwas have been; we call this God.
  6. See 2–6.
  7. Thus, God cannot always have been, and cannot not always have been.

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a touch of poetry

2007-02-08 at 16:29 (musings, poetry)

a touch of poetry never goes amiss
with the contours of its words and in its subtle twist
of subtext under meaning and the meter under rhyme
the last words of a sentence close its motion over time.

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