last friend

2006-12-19 at 12:10 (poetry)

when streets around me darken
and the faces loom from the night
i feel trapped in a world where i don’t belong
. nothing’s going right.

i hastily keep walking
as i ponder how it fell apart
the money went, and with it my life
i shudder as i breathe in the dark.

then — i recall a house nearby
i walk up and knock on the door
it’s the one place left before i go to my rest
— i step inside, stand on your floor.

your face lights up like a firework
and you warmly invite me to drink
the living room glow, it diffuses so well
and soon i’m happily unable to think.

eventually time comes, and i walk out the door
i knew that it would have to end
and as i lay, back home, before my permanent sleep —
i remembered you, my last true friend.


1 Comment

  1. Suresh Gundappa said,

    Love it , Just Love it and I always remember this poem my friend!

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