2006-10-09 at 00:07 (poetry)

conditioned to react, respond
unthinking space, waiting for so long
glow of screen, fingertips tap
consume consume until you snap
the timeless hours you spend recieveing
there should be no decieving:
they are lost and dead to you
but there’s nothing more that you can do.


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fake aspirations.

2006-10-08 at 23:59 (poetry)

all these fake aspirations and these false dreams
are peeeled back one by one, til nothing is as it seems
the layers of meaning i assign to one word,
a stare in a street or the phrase misheard
all prove to me that something’s not right
i feel control slipp away, and cringe at the sight
of my own face in the mirror, when i’m so far away.
i hope for tomorrow and stay on automatic today.

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