why people take photos

2006-09-03 at 16:51 (article, musings, photos)

  1. art
  2. memory
  3. amusement

I’m certainly an art person, not a memory person. It’s nice to have shots of places you’ve been; but taking them all the time, with you in front of the sea just to show you’ve been there — that seems like a waste of time and effort. Unless a picture is beautiful in and of itself, I don’t feel the need to make it exist.


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  1. Bruce Cucuell said,

    I am an 85 year old artist, painter, and I,too, have questioned the apparent need for some to take so many pictures. Photos for the record are understandable, but photos of so many places and scenes seem so pointless. The mere existence of flickr, youtube, and others show a widespread, indeed, almost universal need to take photos. The scene, it’s beauty or
    it’s uglyness is only noticed by a few. Why do we take so many pictures? Bruce

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