olga.net is down

2006-08-13 at 15:33 (article, commentry)

Olga.net is down, and the lawyers sending the shutdown request say:

In so enforcing the rights of the creators and publishers of music [by requesting removal of all tabs of copyright music from your site], it is our intent to ensure that composers and songwriters will continue to have incentive to create new music for generations to come.

This is brainless. Composers and bands don’t need incentive to be creative, or if they do, then their intent is in the wrong place. Music is about the music, not about control. That argument is flawed.

I wonder if the music publishing industry would want to stop any guitar teachers teaching students copyright songs without first applying for permission and paying royalties. I’m pretty sure they would, and this is why the way things work now is broken.

(One of the songs mentioned in the letter is “Beautiful Day”, by Clayton/Evans/Mullen/Hewson. I wonder if The Edge has to go and ask his bandmates if he wanted to show someone else the chords he uses?)



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    […] olga.net is down […]

  2. james said,

    Yes im glad someone else saw that. They are playing the side of the music industry when the whole napster thing when down. I totally agree with this composers and songwriters are not effected at all by who interpets their music and where those interpretations are posted.

    My big thing with this whole thing is the fact that many of the songs listed there are individual posts from people who figure out songs themselves. That is why you will usually always see multiple versions for one given song.

    What gets me is that if i write copyright and distrubite a song “James1” then someone else transcribes the song, copyrights and sells a book “Guitar Book: James”, then later down the line i make a book “Lyrics and music of James” i am infringing on the coyrights of “Guitar book: james” and could get sued….

  3. Chris said,

    Basically, tab book sales have slowed down in the past few years and this is a last ditch effort by the industry to save themselves. Everyone’s response to this should be to never buy a tab book again.

    Please spread the word. Again, this isn’t to protect artists, it’s to protect profits of the publishing companies.

  4. Pete said,

    I agree, why should it be against the law to play published music? Every song I learned when I took lessons were “copyrighted” and I continued to search songs I wanted to play on Olga and other sites to further my musical ability. Hell when I was in college I was in a class where we played “copyrighted” songs, in a concert. It was to teach us different musical styles. How can you ever develop your own musical style with out playing others first? And the fact that Tab book-sales are down, maybe its because they are so expensive, and poor college kids can’t afford them. I just hope the publishing companies realize that there will always people figuring out songs of their favorite artist’s weather or not they can post it on the internet, so they might as well let us get educated. And by the way, what happened to being able to copy. “Copyrighted material for educational purposes” I think Olga is protected in that clause.

  5. chris said,

    It’s all about the crybabies! The jackasses that have there hands in the artist’s pocket
    because they have no talent of their own. So instead they make a big deal out of
    nothing so they can keep the money rolling in. Lets just face it you can’t do S..T theese days without some crybabie acting up.

  6. Phil said,

    Yeah, this whole thing is bogus. It was common place back in the day for an artist to do their own version of someone else’s song. Everyone did it in the 50s and 60s. ‘Respect’ belongs to Otis Redding, but how many people have heard his version? Dylan covered all kinds of artists, Hendrix covered Dylan, the list goes on and on. Do artists call each other and ask permission all the time? I doubt it. This is just another sorry attempt to try to control the music, just like shutting down Napster was. I finally understand the point of all those lawyer jokes. We live in a sorry state of affairs. Land of the free, but to a degree.

  7. anthony Schiavone said,

    Making money is the motivating factor behibnd all this horsecrap. Firstly, It would seem to me that the people that benefit the most are probably not the artists themselves. Having said that bear in mind there are dozens of entitiies along the chain also wanting to be paid. Publishers, Record companies, Artists management, PEPSI, IBM, BUDWEISER, etc. Stoptrying to squeeze a nickel out of every dime you see! F them.

  8. Kevin said,

    so what are we going to do about it?

  9. Paul said,

    I find this to be a disgrace to music all together. This is corporate america at its best. Once again businesses have found a way to exploit something that’s meant to be artistic. I mean I still have to buy the cd or attend the concert to hear the band. What harm is there in learning their songs? I mean if it wasn’t for people learning music of their fav. band Metallica wouldn’t have been able to continue with their concert in Canada. I agree with everyone that these were interpretations of songs made by other musicians. What’s wrong with learning a song? It would seem that paying money to get a guitar lesson or buy a book in a music store is ok, but learning from a friend isn’t. This was probably bank roled by music stores more than artists. So I better stop trying to figure out songs when I listen to the radio. It’s illegal now. Everyone put down your guitars and stop trying to learn music. It’s no longer our business to play an instrument. That’s for the superstars. There has to be a way around this stupidity.

  10. bob said,

    seriously, its not even like the tabs are totally correct, so first of all its stupid to complain about that, second, because they aren’t correct it makes them the authors interpretation of the original song, so
    they shouldnt need to pay royalties anyways
    also, professionals, meaning bands, do covers on stage, i doubt they have to pay royalties for that, but i might be wrong

    bottom line: this sucks, the lawyers need to get over themselves and let it go

  11. bob said,

    olga was the best tab site

  12. Rick said,

    I miss OLGA. It helped me learn guitar.

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