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2006-08-04 at 00:16 (quotes)

And this is where my dislike for big pharma comes into play.

Where is the profit? To understand any business, you have to recognize the source of profit. For drug companies, the profit is in treatments, not cures, not vaccines. So most of the research money goes into treatments for things that will produce a heavy profit, and keeps you on their treatments. What’s the point in producing a $50 one-time shot that will fix your ills if they can instead get you on a $200-a-month pill regimen that comes with some side effects that you’ll want to take another set of pills for? A strategy like this, combined with thousands of ads telling you to ask your doctor about who knows what, combined with essentially bribing doctors to prescribe their pill for every little thing, and you have yourself a lot of profit. Even if you have somebody working on a cure for AIDS or cancer in these companies, they’re not as well funded as somebody working on the newest E.D. pill or or the latest made-up condition.

I know people who have worked in non-profit medical research, the kind of people who want an actual cure for things, but they just can’t compete with the budgets of companies practically printing their own money. Public grants and donations just can’t produce the kind of miracle drugs that we desperately need.



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  1. dannyhaszard said,

    Eli Lilly is a big drug company that puts profits over patients.
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