2006-08-28 at 00:31 (diary)

to wales, for a few days
away from tech and always-on
with a good book or two, my imagination
and some walking boots.

i hope to come back refreshed, renewed
revitalised. hopefully having let go of some things
and ready to go again.

— planned for when I get back: a return to regular poetry writing, which I hope some of you will enjoy, and a post on my thoughts on copyright and intellectual property as a whole.


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the sleeper

2006-08-18 at 12:24 (poetry)

you look so pretty when you sleep
with softened face full of peace
your chest pumps, breathing deep
inhaling refreshment. worries cease.

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poetry in a sentence

2006-08-16 at 00:24 (poetry)

every word is beauty
every sentence a poem.
the words tangling in my ears
the imagery dissolves. and the next line leers.
what wonder we lose in every second of waiting.

— some people talk in metaphor and rich imagery naturally; especially one of my friends. it always amazes me the richness of detail that ordinary conversation can have.

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regular dreamer

2006-08-14 at 14:27 (diary, poetry)

how can some sleep and then dream
without having to plan or scheme
how to manage it or control their patterns
without being disturbed by the rain’s constant patter.

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2006-08-13 at 15:33 (article, commentry) is down, and the lawyers sending the shutdown request say:

In so enforcing the rights of the creators and publishers of music [by requesting removal of all tabs of copyright music from your site], it is our intent to ensure that composers and songwriters will continue to have incentive to create new music for generations to come.

This is brainless. Composers and bands don’t need incentive to be creative, or if they do, then their intent is in the wrong place. Music is about the music, not about control. That argument is flawed.

I wonder if the music publishing industry would want to stop any guitar teachers teaching students copyright songs without first applying for permission and paying royalties. I’m pretty sure they would, and this is why the way things work now is broken.

(One of the songs mentioned in the letter is “Beautiful Day”, by Clayton/Evans/Mullen/Hewson. I wonder if The Edge has to go and ask his bandmates if he wanted to show someone else the chords he uses?)

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quote: slashdot quote on big pharma

2006-08-04 at 00:16 (quotes)

And this is where my dislike for big pharma comes into play.

Where is the profit? To understand any business, you have to recognize the source of profit. For drug companies, the profit is in treatments, not cures, not vaccines. So most of the research money goes into treatments for things that will produce a heavy profit, and keeps you on their treatments. What’s the point in producing a $50 one-time shot that will fix your ills if they can instead get you on a $200-a-month pill regimen that comes with some side effects that you’ll want to take another set of pills for? A strategy like this, combined with thousands of ads telling you to ask your doctor about who knows what, combined with essentially bribing doctors to prescribe their pill for every little thing, and you have yourself a lot of profit. Even if you have somebody working on a cure for AIDS or cancer in these companies, they’re not as well funded as somebody working on the newest E.D. pill or or the latest made-up condition.

I know people who have worked in non-profit medical research, the kind of people who want an actual cure for things, but they just can’t compete with the budgets of companies practically printing their own money. Public grants and donations just can’t produce the kind of miracle drugs that we desperately need.


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