digging up the past

2006-07-17 at 00:30 (allpoetry.com, poetry, stories)

it started with a friend
he’d tried it. suggested i didn’t do the same
there wasn’t any kick, he said
it was just uneasy pain.

something was ignited. months later
i thought i’d try it myself. just to see how
it felt, on a night of desperation. carefully
selected the spot. i’d avoided it up to now

but i made the mark. warmth fell over my fingers
cold steel against the skin. cleansing the wound,
i fell asleep soon afterwards. the feeling lingers —
i dreamt of it. the morning after, i groomed and moved on

until the next night. and the next. no, it wasn’t
the end of the world. just a new way to escape it
and i couldn’t be blamed. besides, i knew it’d have to stop.
it turned into an addiction. night after night, the scrape

of blade against skin. soft red blood on my upper left arm.
i kept it as much to myself as i could. why should anyone else know?
it was my second life, a way of dealing with the first
until one moment where i knew it had to let it go.

i’d grown out of it, and i wanted to throw it away.
i ramped myself off it. making the cuts, but lighter by degrees.
every one was going to be the last. until the one which was —
two days after my birthday. i was free!

yes, the cravings still returned,
and sometimes the cuts burned.
but i’d decided to stop, and that was it.
i still have scars, long narrow slits,
but they’re fading.
all i had to say was no.



  1. Jolene said,

    I’m on allpoetry.com and wow this poem is awesome seriously this could inspire a lot of people and having friends going through similar situations makes me feel like I still have hope for them to move past that stage of their life. This is amazing. Thank You. *Much Love, Jo*

  2. kim said,

    wow, I have goose bumbs on myself from reading something that sounds just like mine. Same thing as what I was going through 4 months ago. And yes, all I had to do was say No!
    I love this one. Email me back I would like to talk more if you like.
    Well I should be going,
    talk till then


    im on all poety.com
    if you like
    bloodyroses1989 is my name.

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