always the one

2006-07-17 at 13:43 (poetry)

you’re always the one to bring me down
with the colourless words you spit in my face
i always feel fine until you drop round
and afterward i’m left with your bitter taste.

my friends tell me to let you go
they tell you to “get lost, leave her alone”
and i’d say it myself, but i’m weak and i know it
— scared of the future and coping with the unknown.

i just want to know why you won’t let me sleep
i lie awake at night, thinking of your cruel face
after 2a.m. i dream of your whisperings
you’re killing me with a cold, crushing embrace.

— this one has been hanging around in embryonic form for a long time (I think maybe two years). This daily writing thing is really helping me sort out all those old ideas and “finish” them off.


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