2006-07-16 at 13:40 (, poetry)

The Scream

The world spins and swerves, like
Hell it’s so unnerving. what
Else can i do but hold on tighter?

Sky and sun burn my eyes. they’re too bright
Can i just lie down here and die?
Regret and fear mingle, the
Embarrassment too great. i was a fool —
Am a fool for taking it. i hate this feeling and
Myself. i scream and shake.

— an acrostic, written for a competition at represents a person on a bad trip for me. i believe this is the first acrostic i’ve written. constraints are interesting, but i’m not sure acrostics are my thing. the picture summons up such a strong image for me that fitting it into “the scream” is a nightmare.


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  1. Jolene said,

    Awesome I am not sure I have written one yet, but I would love to know your ID for allpoetry and I could give you mine if you e-mail it to me.

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