lost in grief

2006-07-15 at 14:28 (allpoetry.com, poetry)

A picture of a sleeping woman; white sheets and bed, soft-coloured body and falling black hair.

a body worn in, a soft pink pallor;
a mind in distress and a face without glamour.
her eyes lifeless,
with dread for tomorrow.

but when she sleeps, under soft white sheets;
a mind unwinds and a white heart beats.
her breaths full,
unworried and free.

thoughts of old friends, lost family and then
just as she is lost in love and joy
the night ends. she groggily wakes
and back return the pains and aches.

— written for an allpoetry.com competition to go alongside the picture above.



  1. marie said,

    beautifully translates my current pain

  2. marie said,

    May I quote your entry with the prpopoer reference on my blog? Let me know on jiltedbride.livejournal.com (no www.). Thank you.

  3. LucasR. said,

    That’s simply beautiful.

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