big pharma

2006-07-15 at 00:16 (diary, poetry)


then take a pill
we promise that it won’t make you ill.
feeling shy, or tired, or blue?
we have a solution for you —
we sell some drugs, totally legal, you’ll see
and we’re doing this for your own good. you’ll be
happier and fitter by far before long, your eyes
will be sparkling and your insomnia gone.
we have the patent, so it’s only sixty quid
for one round of treatment, but without it you can’t live —
you can’t be happy when lacking our support! your blues will
stay on, and you’ll never be able to snooze.
environmental, you say? the cause? why no!
we have the solution, only sixty quid a throw.

— I apologise for not posting these last four days. I was trying to keep up writing something every day, but I had one boring day and nothing sprung to mind, which was naturally followed by three days of forgetting that this even exists. I have just finished watching both seasons of House, and I think that may have had something to do with the lack of creativity (twelve episodes spread across three days can’t be good for anybody).


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