judgement and labelling.

2006-03-11 at 10:54 (musings, poetry)

i want out of this,
so leave your judgements at the door.
see things as they are
without connotation.

learn to label without saying
“this is valid” or “this isn’t”.
everything is valid.
it’s just that some people are more awake than others.

some are ants scurrying around
never realising there’s a sky.
get old, die, and leave no value.

some are people scurrying around
knowing there’s a sky but always saying
“i’ll go there oneday.”

then there’s the people who are floating in the sky
doing what they want and without worry.

all these existences are equally valid!
but this doesn’t mean things couldn’t be better for each person.
the ant could look up. the person could break out of his routine.

if you can only change yourself, judging others is useless.
merely label others without connotation.
judge yourself. only the subjective can be judged; the objective cannot.


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