normal people

2005-09-18 at 17:20 (poetry)

oh, we’re on the road again.
chasing dreams down dead end streets.
oh, it’s time to run again.
fallen down and just getting to our feet.

yeah, we should get away, just drive off and leave it all behind.
we need to make a move, but we’ll just stay and keep living out our lives.

oh, see the plastic faces
the concrete pages of our lives.
oh, we live in cages: we look outside
never thinking of within.


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2005-09-04 at 13:43 (poetry)

the streets aflame in amber light.
the night burns black as dark things take flight.
the force of evil awake in this land.
we don’t need your righteous hand.

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2005-09-04 at 13:30 (poetry)

i’m a melted picture in a smashed frame
you broke me in but still i’m still not tame

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2005-09-04 at 13:00 (poetry)

where do you end
and i begin
where emotions collide
and the line is thin

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2005-09-04 at 11:48 (quotes)

This came in a text from Paul, who I believe was in Richmond at the time:

“I’m at the Richmond festival! In Richmond!”

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walking home

2005-09-01 at 20:35 (stories)

the roads are dark tonight and the streetlights glow amber against the steady background of shadowy houses. it feels unsafe to be out now, with the wind whistling through the trees and sounds of screaming from a park, a football pitch. slowly the night closes in and headlights follow me down the road. each passing car is anonymous and a threat – who does it contain? every person treated as suspect.

i hear static as i walk, from a detuned maybe in someone’s kitchen. who knows what the night brings?

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