regret? no.

2005-08-25 at 21:38 (poetry)

don’t regret, forget
the past: you know this feeling
cannot last. time is stealing
away your life, so stop your feeding
on things long past.

animated version.


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2005-08-24 at 11:46 (poetry)

i asked a question yesterday
it was “deep”.

i said “what is the fabric of the universe?”
it’s been plauging me ever since.

i asked myself what i was. what i was made of.
the material of my body, what makes this my body?
this skin, is it as thick as i think it is?

no, it wasn’t. it was crackling and dry.
i am an empty husk.

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2005-08-22 at 22:27 (poetry)

another year flies by
times of joy and times to cry
in another year what will we find
as promises bind and they unwind
leaving us with empty hearts,
empty thoughts, empty times.
what we feel will often change
from year to next we’ll rearrange
our thoughts our lives, experience
new good times. find bad times
and sing along the song that others
write, trapped in a web that we weave.

tonight is the night.
the mark of a year.

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a blade?

2005-08-09 at 16:14 (poetry)

It tempts me. draws my every glance.
It taunts me. mocking my bitten hands.
It scorns me. too weak to use.
It draws me. too weak to resist.

It tempts me to draw a scorn on my arm.
in blood,
  with plasma and platelets.
  with red and white,
    red from inside and white from my skin.
it’s bad and good,
  bad for my life
  but good for a time.
i’m an addict and i need it.
  so badly i can’t think of anything else.
  the temptation draws on the addiction.
  the substance wants the user just like the user wants the substance.
  or more.
or that’s how it feels.

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too much to show

2005-08-07 at 06:23 (poetry)

you feel so far away
and yet so close to me
i want to hold you near
forever through your tears

reflect on our past
acted out without a cast
are my wrongs righted yet
will you ever forget

it’s too much to express
too much to repress
i need you now
and there’s too much to show

words seem useless now
and time passes so slow
and we gradually change
leaving us estranged

there’s something that we share
something that makes me care
it happened all too fast
it was too good to last

it’s too much to express
too much to repress
i need you now
and there’s too much to show

and my wrongs aren’t righted yet
and i will never forget

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