2005-05-14 at 11:50 (poetry)

well you were standing on the boulevard
with all your broken friends
and i was sitting with my eyes out
unsure of who i am
you came up to me and said
you know what i do?
i said no i didn’t
but i’m sure i soon will
she said i clean the windows
of the local office towers
i hang five hundred feet in the air
working for hours

i said how do you want to die
alone without a hope
she said with my wife and kids
unless this is a joke
she sat down and we talked
she ate and passed me the bill
she said you’re my host for today
take my gratitude if you will
i said that’s all very well
but won’t you lend me your advice
she said i’m not qualified
but maybe this’ll suffice

she dropped in my hand
a package of brown
with a red-orange ribbon
and she said with a frown
i’ve been looking for someone
to give this to
you don’t seem quite right
though maybe you’ll do
open it and see
what lies inside
open it and you’ll find yourself
taken on a ride


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