the cutting/burning edge

2004-08-30 at 01:09 (poetry)

i wait for it to slide within
to make a new mark on my skin
it heals me when there’s nothing left to feel
my cold blade of steel

its edge makes me feel whole
as it damages me in ways untold
reassures me when no-one’s near
replacing all my fears


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2004-08-02 at 04:26 (poetry)

i feel fragile
too worn in
empty and hollow
emtions kept within
you know i’m lying
cos i don’t know what to say
all i hear is whispers
i’m waiting for my day

i can’t leave you
and i can’t stay
i can’t change you
and i can’t stand in your way

i don’t care
i don’t wanna talk
i know it isn’t fair
but life’s too short
i’m nothing so special
so why should you care
there are so many others
for when i’m not there

get me out
unlock my head
take me on a ride away
or take someone else instead
i don’t wanna be here
i didn’t want to survive
and i can’t help it
that i’m alive

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