is this any better?

2004-07-04 at 21:11 (poetry)

i don’t know what awaits me when i wake
consciousness is a painful time

so it’s back to the dreamworld in my shriekingmind

i don’t know myself anymore
i’m fading out with the photographs on the wall
i don’t know myself anymore
i’ve all gone like the photographs on the wall

my memories have faded
it’s no good looking back to what we could’ve had
it’s gone with the photos on the wall
i know there’s nothing left to break my fall

i scream in the night calling out her name
i lost myself reaching out for her flame
is this any better i did the best i could
now i’m falling backwards away from her love

— ancient thing. no more was going to be said, so I thought I might as well publish it rather than have it hanging around.


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