Blood-stained Wall

2002-11-01 at 17:34 (poetry, spoof)

Today is gonna be the day
I’m gonna kill you, yea
By now you should have been dead
But I was on holiday.
Now I’m back I’m gonna shoot you
Right between the eyes, yea

Back beat, the word is on the street
That I’m back in town
I’ve just been, got ammunition
And bought myself a gun
I’m gonna use it and make a big hole
In your head, it’ll hurt (yea)

And all the bullets that hit your head
Will hurt you
And all the rounds I waste on you
Will cost me
There are many things that I
Would like to kill you with
But I chose a gun

I said maybe
I’ll change my mind and use a machete
But after all
It’s a blood-stained wall

(with Mark Jones, November 2002)


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